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April week 3

Hello all,

The week started off with E-friends going to Amura village hall to give a talk to Ladies group about the UK.  There were about 80 people at the talk, I introduced the UK and my home town and also some of the legal differences between Japan and the UK.  I ended the talk by comparing UK  and Japanese food and also spoke about the experience of having my parents visit Kamiamakusa city.  I really enjoyed giving the speech and hope the Ladies enjoyed it too.

At Shimoyama nursery school we met the new kids who are joining English time.  It was their first lesson so they were all a little nervous and quiet, but the children from last year helped them along and demonstrated some of the songs and games that we do.  During lunch time the kids were asking many questions about English and were very talkative.

It was our first visit to Matsushima nursery school as well this week, we had a  short lesson of only about 30 minutes but the kids were very energetic.  When it came to finishing time they didn't want to stop and asked us to come back soon.

At Matsushima and Oyano kids class we made folded paper animals.  Some of the kids made their own designs or used some of the templates we had already  prepared.  It was good to see the kids making their own animals without using the templates.

The week ended with us going to Hikari nursery school.  I played some games with the kids where they had to work in teams to guess the colour, we also used the CD player to sing some songs together which the children enjoyed but found tiring.  Like at Shimoyama the children were very talkative during lunch time.

See you soon




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