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What is E-Friends?

E-friends Eigomura was launched in 2009 to improve international communication in Kamiamakusa city, Kumamoto ken, Kyushu, Japan.

E-friends Eigomura motto is “Let's have fun” we aim to introduce the citizens of Kamiamakusa old and young to the English language through activities, international talks and events.

We use our motto “Let's have fun” to break away from the confined teachings of the class room and make our classes a relaxed environment so people can think free without the pressure of thinking English. E-friends number one goal is all about communication!

上天草英語村E-Friends とは?

E-Friends は、熊本県の上天草市に所在し、国際交流を発展させる目的のもと2009年に始動しました。

E-Friends のモットーは「一緒に楽しむ」ということです。そして、様々な活動や国際的な話、イベントを通して、上天草市の子どもからお年寄りまで、たくさんの人々に、英語という言語を紹介していきたいと思っています。


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Open House 2011

Hi Everybody,

It has been a while since I posted some news, so I thought I would talk about the “Peter pumpkin planting event” which happened on the 14th May.

In the morning we planted the pumpkin seedlings, at first we all met at 'E-Friends House' I was really happy with how many children came and also some of the parents join the event as well which is great,  remember E-Friends is not just for kids.  Also Jonathan (ALT) came to help in the morning which was a good chance for the kids to meet him.

Once everybody was ready, we all walked over to E-Friends Farm where I explained the process of planting the pumpkin seedlings.  We had 36 seedlings  to plant so the kids all grabbed a trowel and began adding fertilizer to the soil and then planting the pumpkin seedlings.

After all the seedlings had been planted we moved onto giving them some water.  The children took in turns from youngest to oldest using watering cans.  Once enough water had been given we collected all the tools we had used, and headed back to E-Friends house.  We Finished the morning activity doing the  E-Friends finishing chant.

In the afternoon we had activity time at E-Friends house.  Kids could come and  paint signs to either take home or to be used at E-Friends farm.  The other activity we did was rock painting.  What I really liked was the kids combined the two activities and decorated their signs with stones and shells by gluing them to the wood.

The kids also had a chance to meet Melissa (ALT) who came to help in the afternoon.

You can see more photos of the day here.

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