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Hello everybody,  Tim here, welcome to our first news update.

Efriends Activity classes in Ryugatake(wed) and himedo(Thur) have started.  It was a good chance to meet up with some of you who came to summer camp last year.  We went back to Himedo elementary school to advertise the classes again, it was a success as we had 5 kids come to the rock painting.

After the new years break we went back to Shimoyama and Mitsuru nursery schools.  All the kids did great, back into singing songs and enjoying playing and practising English.

This month also saw the start of another Adult class course.  We have 3 students and they all seem to be very eager to learn English and most important of all, eager to try hard and have fun.

Will post again soon about what Efriends have been doing.




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