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Hello everyone!

It has been another week of catching up with people after the new year break.

We went to Kami elementary school for English club. It was good to hear what the girls had been up to over the new year break. We then played describe the object game which was a little difficult but the girls were able to do it and we had a fun time.


It was a big 'LONG TIME NO SEE' when we went to Amura nursery school. The last time we went was in October last year. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the children and could tell that they have been practising. When they sang 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' they were fantastic! Great job kids!

The second week of Adult class was on Monday night. This week we were practising asking questions and agreeing or disagreeing with the answers, demonstrating that simple questions and answers can form a conversation.


We went to Shimoyama nursery school, we tried a new way of singing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' it took the kids 2 to 3 goes before they were able to do it and they all enjoyed it. We also practised the 'P' pronunciation, the children always keep improving.


We had kids activity classes in Ryugatake and Himedo on Wednesday and Thursday. Melisa the ALT for Himedo and Ryugatake joined both classes. This week we made pom-poms. The kids were very good at making them, concentrating a lot while at the same time answering questions in English, Good job!


Please look in the Events section for the new schedule for the E-Friends Activity classes.

See you soon




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