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March week 2


March begins the time of change, The warm weather is arriving which is great, but it is a time when we have to say good bye to people as the school year comes to an end.

At Kami elementary school I have enjoyed going in and playing English games and talking to them about my home country. This week was our last lesson of English Club together as they move on to Junior high school next month. Good luck for the future Momoka, Arisa and Ayaka and remember to relax and enjoy continuing your English studies.

I think the kids at Shimoyama nursery school had a busy weekend due to them all being tired on Monday morning. Even though they were tired they tried their best and for a group of tired children they were good.

E-friends had a bit of a special outing to Kumamoto city to attend the KAB commercial awards ceremony. I stared in a television commercial promoting Kamiamakusa city and we came 2nd over all which is great news. Look out for the commercial from the 19th of March.

It was nice to go back to Mitsuru nursery school. It felt a long time since we had been to see the kids. The kids did great especially during song time as they actually sing mulberry bush along with me.

The 2nd half of mitsuru nursery I go to visit the mums and babies class. Today Nonoka's mother was asking me lots of questions about how my mum and dad found Japan. I didn't mind telling here and thought it was great she was practising her English in front of her child. If Nonoka sees mum speaking English then hopefully she will begin to copy.

At E-friend kids class we did finger painting and finger print characters. Some kids at first were unsure about using there fingers but once they had begun they enjoyed it a lot. It was a good why to teach the kids the word “finger” due to them always using it.




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